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Two Black girls holding each otherA Kinship Care Information Meeting is an informative meeting to provide potential kinship parents information on the requirements and dynamics of becoming a kinship parent. Attending an Information Meeting is the first step to becoming a Kinship Family. No commitment to become a kinship parent is required at the meeting. Here you can ask questions to help you make informed decisions about this critical life step. These meetings are free and are held in various locations in the Denver Metro area.

Please review the schedule and decide which meeting you would like to attend. You can then use the on-line tool to register to attend your selected meeting. Someone will contact you within 24 business hours to confirm your registration. For more detailed information on what is involved with kinship care, the legal requirements of certified and none-certified kinship care parents, and training visit our website

Kinship Care Information Meeting January-June2014
Kinship Advisory & Advocacy Network January-June 2014